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Pursing Resolution Through Mediation

Benefits of Mediation

  1. Creates an opportunity for the parties in interest, and not only their attorneys, to participate and present their positions in an orderly proceeding.

  2. Provides an opportunity for the parties to hear the thoughts of a neutral third party and to hear the views of the other party directly from such party.

  3. Allows each party to determine the motivations of the other party(ies).

  4. Provides an opportunity for the parties to settle their dispute in a creative manner and possibly in a “win-win” solution.

  5. Offers a means to prevent or end litigation, and the associated stress, expenses, and expenditures of time required for proceeding to trial,.

  6. May result in eliminating the frustration associated with preparing discovery and discovery responses, and dealing with the various continuances associated with litigation.

  7. Allows the parties to settle and eliminate the risks associated with a decision by a trial or appellate body or an arbitrator or arbitration panel.

  8. Provides an opportunity for the parties to amicably reach a settlement and preserve a long-term relationship.

  9. Discussions in mediation can, by agreement, be held confidential, and subject to applicable law, are privileged.





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